Welcome to The Kids' Backyard Store.
Come inside, check out our unique showroom, and you'll see why we're recognized as "Portland's Playground Experts." Your first visit? If so, you may have some questions:

 What age-appropriate activities are recommended for my children?
 What activities will fit safely in our available play area?
 Is it possible to later add activities to our Backyard Adventures play set, as our children grow?
 Should we provide cushioning material beneath our play set?
 Could someone look at our yard to help us decide where to place our play set?

When you visit our showroom,
we'll give you a checklist of activities to consider as you browse our displays, with our own suggestions for both preschoolers and older children. You'll find most of these features on one or more of our indoor and outdoor display structures.

  Over here we've installed several sample border and cushioning solutions, with photos of local backyards showing each choice. You'll be able to evaluate which options are most practical for your own backyard. Be sure to take a copy of our "Border & Cushioning Solutions" handout from the wall rack.
  You'll want to take time to "test play" our display models with your children. Each model has its own unique theme, so kids can play store, cook a meal, play pirates or enjoy a picnic. We've also included a few special features, to expand your child's play horizons.
  Our photo gallery (which includes over 60 pictures of recent local installations) is organized into clusters, showing small yards, sloping yards, narrow yards and even a few large, level yards! There's a handout for each, so you can choose one that matches your own yard.
  Once you've studied all of our display models and popular options, you may want to know what a play set that meets your own requirements would look like. Mike, Ben or Dave will be able to provide you a scale drawing and pricing for a Backyard Adventures play set that includes just the activities you want. We'll also show you how that play set might be modified later to grow with your children, enabling them to fully enjoy their Backyard Adventures play set for years to come.
  Once you've selected a play set, and we know it will fit safely in your yard, we'll schedule one of our licensed contractors to assemble it. They're trained to follow our particular standards, which include concrete pavers or blocks under each post, to provide better stability and longevity. That's not something you'll find elsewhere.

If you have any concerns about how it might fit, don't hesitate to request a complimentary site evaluation. We're glad to visit your yard and give you our suggestions, taking into account the view, neighbors, slope, landscaping and other considerations that might affect the final design and location.

If you would like to assemble your own Backyard Adventures play set, we'll show you how. The manufacturer has cleverly engineered the structures for easy assembly, and many of our customers choose to make it a family project, taking advantage of the "knock-down" kit packaging, with pre-assembled decks, walls, monkey bars and roof panels, plus predrilled posts. It's a great way to save money, or afford some extra options by providing your own labor.

Remember that your Backyard Adventures playset is covered by a lifetime warranty. Should you ever have concerns, we won't wait until a component fails, or ask you to take photos, pay freight or labor on the replacement part.  If there's problem, it's ours, not yours. That promise goes beyond the manufacturer's own warranty, but it's a commitment we believe is appropriate if you are investing in a quality play set.

Recently, Backyard Adventures acknowledged The Kids' Backyard Store's business values by selecting us as its Outstanding Dealer for 2005, recognizing "outstanding customer service and exemplary business conduct."

Before you go, click here to find out if there are any current specials. And if you can't wait until you visit our showroom, click here and we'll send you Backyard Adventures' very impressive color catalog tomorrow. Thanks for visiting us today. Our real showroom is open every day, and it's definitely more fun than a Web site.

When you visit our showroom with your children they'll receive a free steering wheel ($25 value). It's our way to "drive home" the fact that we're "Portland's Playground Experts." (One per family, please.)